Introducing the NEW Fuel Discount Program:

When purchasing fuel at the marina this season, annual dockage customers will receive a fuel discount of $0.10 cents per litre, while summer only dockage customers will receive a fuel discount of $0.05 cents per litre.  The fuel discount is not available to transient dockage customers. 

Other Important Notes:

Existing card balances (rewards points and promotions) can still be redeemed until November 15th, 2024, after which time they will no longer be redeemable.

We are hopeful that any unused point balances on customer cards will be put to good use this boating season. 

Redeeming rewards or promo point balances on your card cannot be combined with the new fuel discount program. 

For greater clarity, when redeeming card balances for the purchase of fuel, the purchase will not qualify for the fuel discount as well.

Conversely, Gift Card balances will remain valid until redeemed (no expiry).

As such, please keep your existing rewards cards for any active gift cards balances. If there are any balances left on a gift card at November 15th, 2024 we will transfer to your account or a paper certificate.

Thanks for your cooperation as we migrate to this new, more accessible fuel discount program for our dockage customers.  We hope you’ll take advantage of these fuel savings at your home port this season.

**Refer to the Rewards Program “Terms & Conditions” for further details.